• Michael Brandt

    Michael Brandt

    Attorney. Writer. Personal growth. pynchon2006@gmail.com

  • Jeancarlo Cerasoli

    Jeancarlo Cerasoli

    : Brazilian UX manager at www.ciandt.com, scifi fan and a lot of other things.

  • Macarena Daher Gauffin

    Macarena Daher Gauffin

    UX/UI Designer. Graphic Designer. Industrial Designer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/macarenadaher/

  • Jaydev Karande

    Jaydev Karande

  • Richard D. Williams

    Richard D. Williams

    Education scholar-practitioner, Change Agent, Bodhisattva in the making, Intellectual, Psychiatric Disability, Love of all things Earth

  • Loylyw


  • Lucy M.

    Lucy M.

    Lover of politics, history, life, and the occasional burger. Let’s Connect.

  • Fran Bhiki

    Fran Bhiki

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